Megan Sullivan is a multi-media artist working and teaching in Rochester, NY. In 2013 she completed her Master of Fine Arts degree at Visual Studies Workshop and received a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Fredonia in 2010.

She has self published two books. The first in 2011, is a limited edition trio of pamphlet books entitled Awake or Asleep? and in 2012 she worked collaboratively with writer Aaron Lawrick on Bumblebee Dreams, a series of poems and images considering the hypothetical dreams of insects.

She works in video, sound, photography, books, and various sculptural forms to explore the enigmas of religion, memory, and family. Collecting images, sounds and text is an integral part of her process as she works to repurpose the found in creating alternative narratives.

Contact: meganmageesullivan@gmail.com

{Artist's Resume}